How to Submit Events

Event submission and inclusion is free but subject to our inclusion criteria listed below. Please read the criteria carefully and choose one of two methods to submit an event:

Event Inclusion Criteria

  • Relevance: Events must be primarily targeting User Researchers (incl. UX Researchers, People Who Do Research, academic user researchers, Design Researchers, …). They must be primarily relevant to the interests and needs of the UX research community.
  • Accuracy: Event details including title, description, date, time, location, and contact information must be provided accurately.
  • Authenticity: Event information must be genuine and not misleading.
  • Add unique list items while keeping a consistent phrasing style and similar line lengths

Event Exclusion Criteria

  • Promotion-focused events: Events primarily intended for self-promotion (products and services) or marketing without substantial educational or community value will not be accepted (incl. product demos).
  • Lack of research relevance: Events not primarily targeted towards User Researchers (UX Researchers, People Who Do Research, academic user researchers, Design Researchers, …) will not be accepted (incl. general UX events). For exaple, events deemed equally relevant to both UX Designers and UX Researchers will not be accepted.
  • Spam: Events that do not provide valuable content or are submitted excessively to flood the calendar will not be accepted.
  • 1:1s and small group events: Events that are limited to a small number of attendees will not be accepted.
  • Recurring events: Paid events that recur on a monthly or more frequent basis. (Free monthly events are allowed.)
  • Incomplete submissions: Event proposals with missing or inaccurate information will not be accepted.

Event Limit: For now, each organizer is limited to a maximum of 4 events per month.

This limitation is in place to ensure fair access to the calendar and prevent any individual or organization from overwhelming the platform with excessive submissions. It also encourages submitters to prioritize their most relevant and valuable events for inclusion.

Manage Events Post-Submission

Upon registering an account, you gain the ability to effortlessly edit or remove submitted events. Account registration is free of charge.

Accelerated Event Reviews

Event submissions associated with an account undergo expedited review processes, ensuring quicker feedback and approval.

  1. Create an account and respond to the verification email (check the spam folder).
  2. Login
  3. Submit one or more events
  4. Your submitted events will be pending review.
  5. Manage your events from your event dashboard.


Easily Submit Events without an Account

You can submit events anonymously but won’t be able to edit or delete them after submission. Ideal for individuals who found events they would like to share with the community.

  1. Submit one or more events
  2. Your submitted events will be pending review.