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[In-person] Deepening your qualitative interviewing skills for better products and services

May 14 @ 3:00 am 8:00 am EDT

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A good user interview is more than ‘just having a chat.’ It’s a guided conversation that considers the emotions and personal situation of the interviewee, while remembering the ultimate goal: getting the information you need to build better products and services

Managing this balance of ‘extracting information’ and being considerate of your interviewees inner life can be a challenge.
This masterclass will help you to refine your own interview practices to get better results without ‘exploiting’ your interviewees.


  • A 4-hour in-person masterclass
  • Interactive class with group work
  • Mix of academic theory and real-world business examples
  • Lots of practice and constructive personal feedback
  • Group size max 24 people

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